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A full service Consultancy Agency


We are a team of friendly, talented, passionate and experienced PR and marketing professionals.


We help you reach more customers, get you featured in the media, boost your reputation and even help with grant applications.


Everyone is different and we tailor flexible packages to suit each client. 


Led by a core team of three, plus other experts when required, we offer an extensive range of PR, marketing and business consultancy services.


Our goal is to constantly drive brand recognition, get you mentioned and keep you relevant.



We advise and execute CSR campaigns that boost your reputation.


We help clients minimise the negative impact of crises, working with the media and your legal team.  



We develop, execute and maintain marketing strategies and campaigns.


We manage distributed EDGE data centres, as well as deliver web-based, mobile and social collaboration platforms.



We design stunning WordPress websites, emails, brochures, newsletters, flyers and social media posts.



We provide fast, affordable and quality translations by native speakers



Our team writes engaging copy for press releases, articles, websites, newsletters, brochures, social media and blogs.


As part of intraHouse Spain SL, our combined experience of international business spans more than 30 years. We’ve worked with clients in the U.K., the U.S. and Europe, mostly in the fields of travel and tourism, technology and SmartCities.


We work with startups, non-profits and SMEs.


We provide monthly detailed, transparent reports of our work and results achieved.  


Our work results in customer engagement and profitable leads


We’re committed to helping our clients reach their goals and we tailor every campaign to suit their needs. 


We offer different ways of working with us, even a pay by results service!


We focus on long term relationships with our clients, suppliers and the media. 


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Our team is led by Karen Floyd, plus our network of carefully selected experts.  We’re mighty in the force of our results!  Our team know how to maximise each other’s skill set, experience and contacts to achieve the best results.

Strong track record in public relations and certified by the U.K.’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) as being in the top 1% of PR professionals in Europe.

Karen Floyd

Director & PR Specialist


  • Public Relations 100% 100%
  • Marketing success 100% 100%
  • Creativity & Innovation 100% 100%


There are different ways in which you can work with us. We offer responsive and proactive services.

Select one of our customized packages and partner with us on a flexible, ad-hoc, fixed, ongoing, results-driven and/or retained basis.

Protecting your brand’s reputation online

Are you fully aware of what people say about your brand online? Your online reputation management is a key element to your brand’s success. Many customers rely on online reviews, and almost half of customers want to see four-star ratings before they’ll trust you and...

How can brands deal with marketing in a time of uncertainty?

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Leading Canary Islands’ companies out of the crisis

The coronavirus outbreak is first a human tragedy, affecting more than a million people as I write this, but it’s also having a growing impact on the global economy. The whole world is currently dealing with the reality of the pandemic and we must focus on how...

Things to keep in mind before applying for grants in the Canary Islands

When starting a business, often a primary concern is funding. From venture capital money to loans to bootstrapping, there are many options out there. One funding source that many entrepreneurs forget to consider is the possibility of small business grants, which...

How to build better relationships with journalists

I have been working in corporate marcomms and PR for four years now, but I have to admit I will always be a journalist at heart. It’s what I spent four wonderful years studying at university and what I enjoy the most. As a journalist-turned-PR professional, I have...

The Canary Islands, still so much to discover

Despite the Canary Islands being a popular destination, there’s so much more that can be done to attract visitors here. The best way we know of attracting more travellers to a destination, is by working with travel writers, journalists, editors and influencers. ...

Brand building for hospitality businesses

Running any hospitality business can be high risk and competitive. Opening and establishing a business that will attract loyal, repeat customers, when there’s so much choice, can be extremely difficult. Today, businesses are constantly trying to attract attention both...

How to engage with influencers in travel PR and marketing

As hospitality entrepreneurs and business owners, at some point you have to delve into the world of marketing to promote your brand, because it's all very well having a brilliant product or service, but if no one knows about it you won't get very far. One aspect of...

Sustainable travel and tourism

Travel and tourism is big business. Globally, the sector accounts for one in every 10 jobs; is responsible for one in five newly created jobs; and, is currently the second fastest growing industry on the planet.  In recent years, sustainability has been firmly...

Tips for hiring and working with a PR agency

To put your Canary Islands tourism business on the map, you need to do PR. If you want to hire an agency, how do you choose the right one? Hiring a PR firm can be a daunting prospect and not finding the right PR representation can be costly. PR is a powerful tool. You...


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