Hello there!

I’m Karen, director of intraHouse Spain SL and I head up intrahouse.agency. The small but mighty team comprises of me and two awesome Canaraias, Divi and Irina. We’re here to link Canary Islands’ travel and tourism businesses with the world’s top journalists, magazines, newspapers and websites.

I absolutely love working in the tourism sector! I started off working with independent, boutique hotels. My first hotel client was the now famous (in the U.K.) Peckforton Castle, but it wasn’t famous before I took it on. In fact, it had a terrible reputation and was under relatively new ownership.

My remit was to boost the hotel’s reputation and fill bedrooms. I set about my work, first compiling a thorough plan, and once it was approved, I set about executing it. I was called to my first Board Meeting after two months of representing the hotel. The Board of Peckforton Castle told me I’d achieved more for them in my first two months than their previous agency had achieved in two years, and I wasn’t working for them full-time.

I advised on Corporate Social Responsibility and how to execute and communicate this activity to the media for the right impact. Subsequently, the venue’s reputation started to improve. The hotel began to appear in more magazines and newspapers than it had ever done before. I encouraged them to be more proactive on social media and advised on the best way to do this (check out their Facebook page!)

The incredible Peckforton Castle. Photo courtesy of The Telegraph and taken from when I invited a journalist to review the hotel after it had launched a Spa.

The owners invested heavily in a refurbishment project and I had to ensure the additional bedrooms were filled. I set about ensuring the improved Peckforton Castle went from appearing in a few local publications to being featured by the U.K.’s top broadsheets, regional newspapers, top bridal magazines, MICE publications and even on TV.

The bedrooms were soon suddenly consistently full and I’d built the media interest to such a degree that requests literally flooded in.

There was certainly never a dull moment working with Peckforton Castle. I also had the opportunity to exercise my skills in issues and crises management on more than one occasion, which saw me liaising with the hotel’s lawyers and responding very, very fast to journalists.

When my time with Peckforton Castle came to an end, armed with my contacts’ list, I moved on to work with several other hotels and achieved equally impressive results for each. More about that another time.

Now, myself, Divi and Irina (who’s a journalist) are offering these hugely effective services to tourism businesses on the Canary Islands, as it always saddens me when they rely solely on booking engines that take a cut, extracting value income from the local economy, and/or social media.

There’s nothing better than having a top journalist or publication feature your property, attraction or event. Press visits are not always required. It’s a very fast-paced environment and the media simply doesn’t have the luxury of relying on press visits.

That said, we do facilitate plenty of press visits too, but they’re not essential.

I recommend any Canary Islands tourism business that wants to reach potential customers in the U.K., the U.S., Europe and Scandinavia to speak to us. Our work results in more direct bookings and direct contact with a client before they arrive at your venue, which is a fantastic opportunity to set the tone of your reputation. It’s an opportunity to build a relationship and an email list. The stronger your relationship, the better chance of repeat, direct bookings. 

Also, what we do generates far better results than advertising and at a fraction of the cost. We can prove it! We’d be happy to show you examples of our results.