Running any hospitality business can be high risk and competitive. Opening and establishing a business that will attract loyal, repeat customers, when there’s so much choice, can be extremely difficult. Today, businesses are constantly trying to attract attention both online and offline, so how do you ensure that you’ll be heard and stand out from your competition while building a successful hospitality brand?

It’s all about how you tell your story and who you tell it to. Every hospitality business has a story to tell and us humans love a good story, so, it’s vital to identify all relevant stories that the media, and your potential customers, will be interested in. Great storytelling differentiates you from the competition. You have to work out what’s exciting about your business today and build your story from there.

One of the keys to having a successful brand is having the right spokesperson for your hospitality business. It’s important to identify someone within the business who is knowledgeable and passionate who can be media facing. You might even need a different spokesperson for each department or topic.

Once you have engaging messages and stories, you need to tell them to the right audience by using as many channels as possible, aiming for an integrated approach. If you’re short on resources and/or time, pick a couple of channels and focus on them, just be sure to choose the right ones. For example, if you’re targeting a younger audience, Instagram will be key. If you want to reach a local audience, then Facebook – as well as with the local businesses through Instagram – works here.

Our work with traditional media and digital platforms gives hospitality businesses credibility and awareness, helping them to reach wider, international audiences, thereby driving traffic to their social media channels and businesses.

Be sure to measure any campaigns. Google Analytics and web referrals are a good starting point. Let’s say you want to sell more mid-week lunches. Once you’ve built a campaign specifically around that, you measure the results with analytics, adapt your marketing and communications strategy accordingly, and these will translate to business results. You need to checking what is working and what is not and improve the power of your communications.

Follow these tips to build a strong hospitality brand and remember that branding is all about great storytelling!