Despite the Canary Islands being a popular destination, there’s so much more that can be done to attract visitors here. The best way we know of attracting more travellers to a destination, is by working with travel writers, journalists, editors and influencers. 

As I write from the island of Gran Canaria, the famous Carnivals are in full swing. But how does a potential visitor learn that such cultural phenomena even exist? Do a search for ‘Gran Canaria Carnivals’ in English and you’ll find some official government information and a few low-profile blogs mentioning them. I had to trawl through nine pages of search results to find any mention of Gran Canaria Carnivals in the foreign press, and the result I found dates back four years.

This is such a shame when there are journalists around the world crying out to write about such important, cultural events. The problem is, how to find and connect with these journalists at the right time and in the right way? This is precisely the gap that we fill. 

After achieving great results in the British travel and tourism sector working with journalists from around the world, I’m now offering these same, proven services to the Canary Islands travel and tourism sector together with two awesome Canarias from our base on Gran Canaria.

We have ongoing opportunities for Canary Islands tourism boards, accommodation providers, restaurants owners, attractions and events to be featured by the world’s leading travel writers.We’re excited about the fantastic opportunities we can offer at no risk. We’re so confident about our results that we offer a pay-by-results service. Contact us to learn more!

Photo credit: The Canary News.