Are you fully aware of what people say about your brand online? Your online reputation management is a key element to your brand’s success. Many customers rely on online reviews, and almost half of customers want to see four-star ratings before they’ll trust you and purchase.

Check your online brand reputation:

Conduct an audit
Check there are no old unofficial or official legacy social media accounts lurking about and check what people are saying. If you find any negativity, respond swiftly. Identify any complaints, tackle them head on and communicate what your brand is doing to be better.

Engage employees
Your staff are your brand ambassadors, and you never want them to be negative about your brand. Ideally you want your employees to also be aware of your brand’s online presence so they can also monitor it and defend it or correct inaccuracies, if necessary.

Check review sites
There are a whole host of platforms out there for people to express their opinion on anyone from plumbers to massage therapists. Aim to increase the number of positive reviews across all review sites. The first rating a potential customer is likely to find is Google. You may want to consider incentivising people to leave reviews.

Craft a crisis communications plan
How has your brand handled Covid-19? If you could improve, now’s the time to do so and update your crisis communications plan. Ensure your spokespeople up to date with any changes to your plans.

Work with the media
Work with journalists to secure positive media coverageSearch engines often show results from news sites in search results before other sources. Be sure the media are talking favourably about your brand.