Grant Consulting Services 
for canary islands companies

We take care of everything to find the best grants for your specific project.

We can find the right grants for you, no matter what type of business you’re in. You just need to be registered as a Canary Island-based company. 

We offer customized advice and active management of grants and subsidies. We research the best grant for your needs and then we take care of the necessary application documentation, deadlines and necessary  audit reports.


We process

We find the right grant for you and we take care of the whole application process.

We manage

Once the grant is approved, we manage the rest of the process and compile all the necessary documents.

We justify

We create the documentation to justify all the expenses covered by the grant.

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Grant Services

1. Initial consultation to understand all possible options for your specific company or project.

2. Creation of different strategies to optimise results, depending on the type of company and goals.

3. Preparation of the right documentation within the estimated deadline.

4. Follow up and justify any expense reporting required for the grant application.  

Grants & subsidies

Investment projects for small and medium sized companies in the Canary Islands.

  •  – Company creation
  •  – Improved productivity and competitiveness of an existing company
  •  – R&D development
  •  – Implementation of standard certifications

Modernization and diversification of the industrial sector.  

  •  – Create a new industrial establishment
  •  – Expand or diversify the production
  •  – Energy saving and efficiency projects
  •  – Implementation of standard certifications
  •  – Purchase of new machinery

Energy efficiency improvement and  renewable energy use.

  • – Technology improvement in industrial equipment and processes
  • – Energy efficiency measures in buildings
  • – Renewable energies for electricity production in buildings, infrastructure and facilities
  • – Renewable energy for thermal uses


  •  – Implementation of business management solutions: ERP; CRM
  •  – Development of online strategy in the company
  •  – Knowledge transfer
  •  – Management Advice on R + D + i management
  •  – Incorporation of innovative technologies ITC

Let’s Start Something new

Whatever your project is about, we can find the right grant for you! Contact us for a free consultation!